about us

Over 15 years of experience with Pongamia / Millettia Pinnata projects ranging from the gas fields of Roma, Australia to Paraguay in South America.

Our Mission

We (BioEnergy Plantations Australia) are a company dedicated to the creation of an economically and environmentally viable alternative to fossil fuels by the use of Pongamia Pinnata (AKA Millettia Pinnata).  We have now reached the stage where an economically and environmentally sound model has been achieved.

Why do other sites so higher yields?

Why Do Other Sites Show So Much Higher Yields For Millettia than Pongamia?

Millettia and Pongamia are just different names for the same tree.  Others include Honge, Karanji, Kalpa and Indian Beech to name but a few (see the wiki here for more details).

When quoting yields the size is important – check if the tree quoted is of a practical size for a plantation, and if the quoted weight for a young tree could be supported by that size of tree.  For a visual indication, an average mature plantation tree (approx 18 years old tree pictured right), which appears very heavily laden with seeds, would be very unlikely to support more than 150kg

“We are dedicated to giving preparing you with solutions to any potential problems with your future projects.”

Meet the Team

George Muirhead


Former founder, developer and Chairman / C.E.O of the Australian Biodiesel Group, which became Australia’s largest publicly listed biodiesel company in 2005. Over 40 years of experience in business, having developed, owned and managed multi-million dollar businesses involving a diverse range of enterprises. These enterprises include: broad-acre agriculture, grazing, feed lotting, feed milling, transport, fuel industry, earthmoving, property development, consultancy, and project funding.

George has had a long-term interest in renewable energy enterprises which led to his prime role as a founder of Australian Biodiesel Group Limited, until its listing in December 2005.  While developing the biodiesel manufacturing plant it became apparent that access to feedstock at a consistent and reasonable price was the key. After leaving ABG, he pursued his interest in Pongamia full-time.

George is happily married to Stephanie for 40 years. They have two married children.

Stephanie Muirhead

Administration / Research and Development Manager (BSc (Lon)Hons.)

Stephanie has a broad based administrative management background and has worked at senior level in this capacity with several resource based industries and as a business partner with George, her husband of 40 years. She is one of the original founders and management team for the development of Australian Biodiesel Group, leaving in December 2005, after IPO, to ursue a consultancy role and, with George, their shared dream of establishing a stable feedstock base for the biodiesel industry.  In particular, their focus has been in the field of tree plantations, which they have researched independently since 2003.

Hans Kaspar Bohi

BSc Agricultural Engineering

Long before the recent Anthropogenic Climate Change push, Renewable Energy has been a passion of Hans. For over 100 years his family’s enterprise has engaged in building and operating hydroelectric power stations in Switzerland. They have also engaged in agriculture and forestry in Switzerland and the USA with the goal of integrating them into a renewable energy solution. Pursuant to this goal, Hans completed his Bachelor of agricultural engineering at Kansas State University.

Hans joined the Bioenergy Plantations Australia team, with the primary purpose of producing renewable energy in a form that can be stored efficiently and effectively for the automotive, aeronautical, and industrial sectors, where mobility is paramount.

One of Hans’ key areas of expertise is project management, gained from his extensive experience building hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland, as well as general construction with his many and varied successful business ventures. His focus has always been to make hydroelectric power more efficient and cost-effective, along with reducing the impact on the environment to a bare minimum. Working with nature is no small task and comes with many and varied challenges.

Many of Hans’ activities and investments are focused on the improved use of renewable resources, not only for energy, but also for food and textiles, as well as reducing environmental impact.

Ben Jones

Project Manager / IT

Here since the foundation of the Pongamia project, Ben has been behind the scenes helping implement the various projects.  From creating marketing materials / website design to machinery operation to plantation management.  What Ben does: whatever needs doing.