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Clonal High Yield Pongamia

Pongamia is a notoriously difficult tree to clone, however after years of hard work and millions of investment with ILRG, and Plant Biotech, we have produced high-yielding clonally propagated trees you can rely on to produce a predictable results. 

Pantation Consultancy

Whether you want to replace your fuel usage with bio-fuels or you want to regenerate mining land, we can help you design a project to suit your needs.  We can help you decided the plantation size / row spacing / irrigation requirements, etc, to help you create profitable plantations. Learn from our many years of experience, both our mistakes and our victories.

Why Grow Pongamia?

Of all the agricultural bio-fuels out there, pongamia has the massive advantage of being a legume, meaning it produces it’s own nitrogen.  This means not only will pongamia grow in poor quality soils, it will improve the soil.


  •  Native to Australia and is not an invasive weed threat
  •  Climatically suited to Northern Australia (prefers environment of 25-40 degrees)
  •  Legume (fixes nitrogen)
  •  Drought tolerant
  •  Produces Food & Fuel at the same time  –     the crushing byproduct ( meal) if treated can be used as a protein supplement for cattle
  • Sequesters Carbon (tree growth & Fuel substitution)
  • Can be mechanically harvested*
  • Direct use of oil in modified engine
  • Can be converted into high quality BioDiesel or 2nd Generation biofuels
  • Cost effective broad acre solution
  • 200x200km planted out with Pongamia (Millettia) could replace all of Australia’s liquid fuel needs
  • Generally4-5 years until first yield, 8 years until
  •  suitable for interrow cropping during first 3 years of growth
  • Livestock grazing from about year 3-5 depending on growth rate and livestock chosen

Our high yield pongamia grows, once mature, can produce up to 10,000L of oil per hectare.